Dance Until Forever Digital Release Features “VooDoo Doll” w/Eric McFadden

Dance Until Forever Digital Release


JL’s latest studio record, Dance Until Forever, is now available online. It features special guitar guest Eric McFadden playing nylon-string acoustic on the first track, “VooDoo Doll,” which was mixed by GP honcho Michael Molenda. Dance Until Forever was actually intended for release online release via Guitar Player records, but that never materialized. So after years of only being available on physical CD at shows (without “VooDoo Doll”), it’s finally made available with a new song order via CD Baby through digital retailers including iTunes, and Amazon.

Dance Until Forever

1) VooDoo Doll (Feat. Eric McFadden) 2) Shake! 3) Ice Thin 4) Never Gonna Settle Down 5) What’cha Do 6) Thank You (Fur Thankin’ Me) 7) Smile On 8) Soulful & Strange 9) Say! 10)… Good Girl Bad 11)Save Us! 12) Tidal Ride 13) Dance Until Forever!

Dance Until Forever Dance Until Forever is the long-awaited follow up to Leslie’s solo debut, Surfin’ the Swamp. [Leslie was sidelined with a debilitating repetitive stress injury for much of the time in-between.] Like its predecessor, it was recorded in New Orleans with a choice local rhythm section.

“I chose to record with Garland Paul and Sam Price because we discovered a natural chemistry post-Katrina during the formative period of the Honey Island Swamp Band, and developed it as a trio gigging around the Bay Area until Garland and Sam eventually rejoined the rest of Honey Island in New Orleans,” Leslie explains.

The single “VooDoo Doll” featuring Eric McFadden (P-Funk, Stockholm Syndrome) was actually recorded later in San Francisco. Mixed by GP honcho Michael Molenda, it was added last, and appears first on the digital version of the album. (It has never appeared on a physical CD.) “Save Us!” features emotive vocals and deep lyrics that consider the myriad natural and man-made disasters that plague our planet. The closing title track deals with similar subject material in acoustic fashion and with a more optimistic perspective. There’s tons of fun on the R&B tinged “Smile On,” the sexy strut of “Soulful & Strange,” and the Mardi Gras rock & roll hybrid, “Shake!” Keyboards courtesy of Garaj Mahal’s Eric Levy, and horns courtesy of Ryan Scott (Monophonics, Vinyl) and Alan Williams (Katdelic) flesh out the grooviest guitar release you’re likely to hear for years.

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